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With reference to the nautical accessibility at the Port of Venice we are glad to announce that Venice Port Authority, in cooperation with the local Harbour Master (Decree n.144/2011), has now managed to allow Night Navigation (for container vessels up to 300 mt LOA) with a maximum draft of 9,60 mt.

We are confident that this new step will make the Port of Venice more competitive and will give a great contribution to the shipping companies activities: this upgrading is the result of the efforts made by Venice Port Authority in dredging activity, jointly with the safety activity of Harbour Master, and the cooperation of local pilots and tugs.

Since last July 31st the draft for container vessels up to 300 mt LOA calling the Port of Venice is 10,60 mt (which with favourable tide becomes 10,80 mt). Nevertheless, the Port of Venice is looking forward to reaching the 11,40 mt draft within Autumn 2012, in order to give as much support as possible to shipping companies deploying container services to the North Adriatic.

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